Cody and Paige Hughes started the kindness counts kids club after God put it on their

hearts in March 2016. The club is designed to teach children that they are able to do

useful and practical things to share our Father's love, compassion and of course

kindness, just like He has done for them! They keep an eye out for needs in the

community and get together at least once a month to meet a need. This can be anything

from cleaning and gardening to care packages and meals to raising money for a need

and the lists go on and on. The club has been very well received and they hope it

reaches out and makes real differences, .

If you would like more info, visit our Facebook page.


Freedom Bible Church

Introducing the Kindness Counts Kid's Club!

Our kid's club is open to children of all ages and meets on a regular basis. Our purpose is to show our children that service for God is not only fun but also deeply rewarding. We show the kids this by giving them opportunity to serve their community with acts of kindness. Allowing the kids to be actively serving their community and allowing them to see the results of that service shows them that they can make a big impact on people and that they have the power to change their community and even the world through simple acts of kindness. In the past we have conducted fund-raisers for those in need and made baked goods and goodie bags for the palliative care unit in the local hospital, among other good deeds. Our kids are making a difference and having so much fun doing it!

Kindness Counts Kid's Club