June 2018

june 17

Sunday Morning Inspiration. Unity Service at First Baptist Church. BBQ at 4:00 pm (bring salads and /or sweets to share)

* United Service at 6:00 pm Pastor Al will be speaking, Lord willing

june 18

Murray & Debbie Graham meet and greet @ 6:00 pm

Murray Graham is the Executive Director of Village Missions and they will be travelling through and spending some time in Nova Scotia on Vacation. They would love to meet with our church family. We will have a "picnic" together, so bring sandwiches and a few desserts and we can have an informal time to meet the Graham's and Murray will share updates on the mission 

june 24

Sunday School Closing & Graduation Recognition. Fellowship. We will be having a BBQ following the service. Bring a salad or dessert. We will be praying for Sam Lees as he graduates from grade 12.



Sunday Worship Service


Bible Study Groups

Our weekly Bible study groups are a great opportunity to learn and grow in Christ in an informal and friendly atmosphere. For more information on attending a Bible study group please contact us.

* Sunday nights 7:00 pm - at  the Fraser/Hughes (Churchville) 

* Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am at the Church

* Thursday nights at 7:00 pm at the Church

Worship service is every Sunday at 10:30 am.

Sunday school classes take place during sermon, beginning approximately 11:15 am  and finishing up at the end of the service at 12:00 pm.

Mothers (or fathers) with young children are welcome to use our nursery, which is equipped with age appropriate toys, a big comfy recliner and remote audio to the service upstairs.

Prior to the service, coffee served in the Church hall and all are welcome to enjoy some socializing before heading upstairs to the sanctuary for worship.




Freedom Bible Church

  • Forgiveness: A key to Freedo33:46
  • April 8, 201833:39
  • April 15, 201836:23
  • Suffering35:09
  • Running the Race36:23
  • Five One Things29:31